100% PURE American US Pasture raised Beef

Never Had Them - Never Will! NEVER EVER!

Did you know that certified Angus beef only means it is 51% or more Angus?

That is NOT the same as

“100% pure Angus.”

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FREE from Antibiotics!
FREE from Hormones!
FREE from mRNA Vaccines!


Lawmakers say that lab-grown meat should NOT be called meat. So, why eat something created at a lab? MyFreedomBeef.com brings you beef with NO Antibiotics, NO Hormones, and ABSOLUTELY NO MRNA Vaccines!

Prime or High Choice




Never Hormones




Never Antibiotics




USA Raised


USA Processed


Fully Vertically Integrated





Price for Ribeye+ Bundle


($208 Non-Member)





The Prices Of Beef Are Going Up!

We Don't Depend On Ranchers...

We own it all, from ranch to packaging, ensuring fresh monthly deliveries to your doorstep.

Our Ranch

We own our ranch, and our beef is guaranteed to be USDA Prime or High Choice and guaranteed to be raised without being treated with hormones and without antibiotics, EVER!


We own and operate our own 210,000-sf processing facility located right on the ranch. It is one of the most state-of-the-art processing facilities in USA, including a 780,000-cubic-foot aging cooler.


One of the Never Ever Beef Club members will help you set up your account and select your first bundle, and we will pack it and ship it to you for your enjoyment!

Freshly Delivered

We guarantee that you’ve never experienced anything quite like our Top Quality Beef. It is a substantial cut above anything in the marketplace!


Our products are juicy, with a melt-in-your-mouth flavor that will exceed your greatest expectations. There’s simply nothing like it, and now you can enjoy it with friends and family.

Beef With NO Antibiotics! NO Hormones! NO MRNA Vaccines!

Never Had Them - Never Will! NEVER EVER!

Help us fight against the beef monopoly!

Four companies control the US Beef Packing Industry, and 2 are from Brazil!


We represent a true American Beef Company, which owns the ranch,
the processing, and the packaging, and can guarantee the supply, the quality,
and the best taste from the ranch to your door.


The Perfect Bundles!

Not only the best meat in the USA, but also the best bundles at the most competitive prices.


Approx. 10 lbs

Once you’ve experienced premium ground beef, you’ll never go back. Whether you’re making a mouthwatering burger, melt-in-your mouth meatloaf, or your top-secret chili, the possibilities are endless, and the flavor is unbeatable!


10 Ground Beef Package(s)(1 lb each)



Approx. 10 lbs

The New York Strip offers a bold, beefy flavor and marbled tender meat that makes it perfect for pan frying or grilling. This bundle also includes steak strips, diced steak, and premium ground beef to upgrade your dining options.


3 Ground Beef Packages (1 lb each)

2 Steak Strip Packages (1 lb each)

Diced Steak Package (1 lb)

4 New York Strip Steaks (approx. 0.8 lb each)


Approx. 8 lbs

If you’re looking for variety, this bundle is for you! It includes the most valued cut of all—filet mignon as well as the sirloin, a well-rounded cut that’s lean, tender, and flavorsome. Add flavor and quality to any beef recipe with our steak strips, diced steak, and premium ground beef.


3 Ground Beef Packages (1 lb each)

2 Steak Strip Packages (1 lb each)

Diced Steak Package (1 lb)

2 Filet Mignon Steak (approx. 0.5 lb each)

2 Sirloin Steaks (approx. 0.5 lb each)


Approx. 10 lbs

This is the perfect bundle if you’re looking for a tender, juicy steak with plenty of flavor and a buttery smooth texture. The bundle will also provide numerous dinner options with steak strips, diced steak, and premium ground beef.


3 Ground Beef Packages (1 lb each)

2 Steak Strip Packages (1 lb each)

Diced Steak Package (1 lb)

4 Ribeye Steaks (approx. 1 lb each)



Approx. 12 lbs

Dinner will never be the same! This bundle includes our most popular, crowd-pleasing favorites including a tender, juicy roast and plenty of steak strips, diced steak, and premium ground beef to elevate any recipe to gourmet status.


4 Ground Beef Packages (1 lb each)

Round or Chuck Roast (approx. 2 lbs)

2 Steak Strip Packages (1 lb each)

4 Diced Steak Packages (1 lb each)



Approx. 15 lbs

This bundle is worth getting fired up over! It includes premium cuts of meat all specially selected for their ability to cook perfectly on the grill or your smoker and provide maximum tenderness and flavor.


Flank Steak (approx. 18 oz)

Tri-tip (approx. 2.75 lbs)

Short-rib (approx. 2.13 lbs)

Brisket (approx. 6.45 lbs)

3 Ground Beef Patty Packages (4 x 1/4lb patties each)

My FreedomBeef vs Lab-Grown

My Freedom Beef


Grocery Store

Every cut of our Top Quality Beef is certified USDA Prime or High Choice. These premium grades of beef contain the highest amount of marbling—the tiny flecks of fat distributed throughout the muscle of the beef. The more marbling, the more tender and more flavorful the beef. Our beef is not injected with mRNA vaccines, we do not use antibiotics and our cows a grass fed.

Tissue is taken from an animal, stem cells are extracted from the tissue and then they are grown in a lab over several weeks to take the shape of a burger, nugget, etc. The end result is still animal tissue, but it’s manufactured. Some believe that the energy needed to produce lab-grown meat at scale is not a truly environmentally sustainable option.

As much as 70% of all raw meat sold in grocery stores is treated with carbon monoxide. Yes, you read that right, carbon monoxide. The gas helps turn the meat back into a bright red color by interacting with the myoglobin in the meat. The meat is likely factory-farmed and potentially less sustainable and healthy.

We take pride in our products and delivery practices, and we want to make sure you have an exceptional experience. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase of our Top Quality Beef, please contact us right away and we will happily work with you on a resolution.

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